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It all started on Dartmoor at Beardown Farm, camped by the rushing river on a beautiful Summer’s evening in 2003. It was my Duke of Edinburgh award final expedition and our two supervisors – Jules Cooke and Cara Coolbaugh – were telling us stories of their adventures.

Jules – ex-Rifles and recently (then) back from a long spell in Africa – ran the DofE programme at school and took us adventuring all over the South-West. He arrived at Beardown with a crate of Fosters and a full shopping bag for Cara.

Cara had walked the second half of the day with us. Indefatigable in the face of school boy humour and bounding around while we slogged our packs across the Moor. Her shopping bag contained cream crackers, marshmallows and chocolate spread. “More-Mores” and beer. We were set.

A couple of hours later and we were fed, our fire was roaring and Cara was telling us about sleepmonsters and expedition length adventure racing and days spent in the American wilds. Getting hooked was easy.

Posted 16/10/2011 by gnjoutside

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  1. Makes me dread sitting behind a desk 😦

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